Solwara Mining Website – Hosted by MPI, this website is a shared resource for communities affected by DSM developments and for individuals and organisations working on the impacts of DSM in the Pacific.

The Mineral Policy Institute [MPI] is an international civil society organisation with a volunteer board representing members from across the world. Operating from Australia we focus on assisting communities affected by specific mining projects and on achieving industry reform through improvements to policy, law and practice.

With a strong emphasis on free prior and informed consent, MPI undertakes a supportive role to assist mining affected communities to protect their rights and secure solutions to community concerns. Unfortunately, while mining disproportionately impacts the developing world, the decisions that govern these projects are made and need to be influenced in the developed world. MPI has the expertise, the experience and the networks to assist communities and to access the many mining companies based in Australia [also US, UK, South Africa and Canada] and their investors from around world.

We are guided by a vision of a just and sustainable mineral cycle where human rights are protected, impacts dramatically reduced and mineral/fuel efficiency and reuse is paramount. While we believe that minerals/fuel are central to the quality of human life today, the benefits of the current minerals systems are greatly skewed to a relatively small global elite. MPI plays a key role in addressing this paradox… to increase the equitable distribution of the benefits while decreasing the social injustices and environmental impacts of the mineral/fuel system.

If you want to know more about us please look at mpi.org.au,